Business Age - Our Mission

Business Age was founded in 2021 with the ambition of being the best publication on the internet for entrepreneurs and revolutionary business thinkers.

It's a place to share ideas and stories.

Grittier than the FT. More personal than The Economist.

We tell the stories of start-ups and founders. We go backstage at fast-growth enterprises to find out what it really takes to succeed.

We run long form content - to give nuance and detail.

We'll do this without a paywall, to give stories the maximum reach across the globe. Our coverage spans sectors, from fintech and software, to aerospace and retail. Venture capital and private equity too.

The key to our success is the calibre of our contributors. BizAge is run by a team of award-winning journalists. We invite industry leaders to add to our coverage - readers want to hear directly from the men and women making the news.

If you would like to write for us, simply get in touch.

Entrepreneurs, visionaries, start-ups, and anyone who shares our passion for business will find a home here.