Business Health and Safety Risks into 2024

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Business health and safety is a top priority across all sectors. From new challenges faced by remote work to mental health issues, there are many problems a modern company comes up against, no matter its size. Yet technology is also just as much a threat as it is an advantage when we consider cyber attacks and emerging tools such as AI. Addressing some of the biggest challenges helps meet them head-on. Here are a few you must watch out for to overcome them.

General Required Maintenance

All businesses require some general maintenance. Often, these are the most important challenges because they directly impact the company, employees, and customers. For example, suppose you operate a spa business. In that case, pump repairs are a fundamental part of your scheduled maintenance routine. The smaller tasks that seem insignificant present the biggest challenges when they are overlooked for a period of time where they will only just get worse.

Remote Work Challenges

Remote work is a Godsend to companies and employees alike. There are numerous benefits on both sides, including higher productivity and improved work-life balance. However, as advantageous as working from home can be, employees face some challenges, especially over a long period. These include interruptions to work by family, an increased sense of loneliness, and technology problems such as poor network connections and poor app configuration.

Cyber Business Health and Safety

All businesses must have some cybersecurity plan, so no one is off limits as a target for hackers. Hackers target businesses of all sizes, including mom-and-pop stores and small businesses. Despite the risks, a survey recently found that 20% of small businesses don’t have any cybersecurity at all. With today’s rampant cyber attacks, this is unacceptable. At the very least, updated and high-quality security suites must be installed on any web-connected devices.

Challenges of Mental Health

Mental health issues should never be thought of as a stigma, and supporting employees is always the better option. Of course, it is challenging to balance work and health, as losing money is a possibility as workers miss work due to mental health. Stress is among the top mental health issues, which is made worse by issues such as bullying, harassment, and lack of support. Promoting an overall healthier workplace environment is highly beneficial for workers.

New and Emerging Technologies

Technology such as artificial intelligence, self-service machines, and other types of automation can help a business. However, there are some that are also a threat. Just as new technologies can replace a worker, they can also render a service or business obsolete. For instance, the emergence of electric vehicles will potentially end the gas service station sector. Adapting is the best way to meet these challenges, such as swapping the pumps for charging stations.


Keeping up with general maintenance forms part of modern business health and safety challenges as we progress through the year. Today, cyber security is also an issue, and it is growing larger. Also, new technologies offer an existential threat to some business sectors.

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February 29, 2024