Enhancing Your Freelance Beauty Business

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Running your own freelance beauty business can be both a lucrative and enjoyable option that gives you the freedom to do what you love and get paid. However, as in any industry, running your own business means constantly evolving and looking for new ways to enhance your services to keep clients coming back for more.

Here are just a few ways of enhancing your freelance beauty business without needing to hire staff or invest in bigger premises.

Boost Your Marketing

As a beautician, you may feel that your strengths are in the services you offer rather than in marketing. However, this is a key part of running a successful business in any industry, so you must give your marketing efforts the attention they deserve.

The first step is to ensure you have an active and cohesive online presence to solidify your brand and signify to potential clients that you’re a legitimate business. As a minimum, you should have a website and at least one or two social media platforms where people can get to know what you’re about and see examples of your work.

You could also work with other local businesses to get your name out, for example, by advertising your services in other places your clients are likely to be, such as the local gym, spa or coffee shop.

Take More Courses

Keeping your skills up-to-date is essential, but it’s also important to branch out and learn new things so that you can keep up with consumer demand.

Beauty services are constantly evolving, and taking additional courses means you can stay ahead of trends and be ready to offer your clients the latest techniques and services to meet their expectations. For example, taking a spray tanning course means you can offer additional services to your existing clients or attract new ones.

Client Relationships

Good client relationships are a vital aspect of running a freelance business, as the more clients you can retain, the less time and energy you need to spend on advertising your services.

Plus, loyal clients become an advertisement for your services in themselves, as they’re more likely to recommend you to family and friends or mention your name if complimented on their hair, make-up or nails.

This means that the social aspect of being a beautician and how you relate to people can be just as important as how technically skilled you are. Be genuine and welcoming, and show your clients how much you value their custom by offering loyalty schemes or customer reward programmes to encourage them to keep coming back.

Improve Your Space

The space you see clients in is an important part of their experience, and this applies whether you rent a room or have a salon of your own.

Along with all the essentials for the services you offer, such as a styling chair, nail station or bed, you should think about the little details that can make all the difference to your clients.

Look at the space from their point of view - is the lighting flattering? Are there interesting things for them to look at, such as wall art? Little finishing touches, such as plants, flowers and aromatherapy candles can make a big difference to a small space and give your salon space a luxury, spa-like vibe.

If you’re providing beauty treatments at home, there are still ways you can enhance your clients' experience, even if you’re not able to alter the space itself. For example, you could upgrade by incorporating a massage table, soft towels, robes and cushions.

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BizAge Interview Team
April 18, 2024
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April 18, 2024