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There are five ways to write for us
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So you'd like to work with Business Age? Fantastic!

Business Age is the perfect way to reach a global audience. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs and business leaders share ideas and experiences.

There are multiple ways to work with Business Age. This guide tells you how.

Who we promote

Primarily UK entrepreneurs, but occasionally European companies too. Our core market is fast-growing companies of all sizes and sectors. Ultimately, anyone with a profound message is welcome to write for us. We've published articles by fintech entrepreneurs, VCs, first time start-up founders, the CEO of the Big Issue magazine, the head of strategy at Royal Bank of Canada, accountants, academics, and many others.

How we help contributors

We will publish your article with no paywall or intrusive advertising. We are SEO optimised, so existing and potential customers will find your material. Publishing material in Business Age means you are more likely to win coverage elsewhere. It's the Elon Musk principle: he's only got to Tweet and he generates column inches. A number of first timers on Business Age went on to get coverage in the nationals (eg,

We are happy to provide a link to your website or product page. Backlinks, after all, are the currency of the internet, so this is only reasonable. For book reviews we'll include the cover and a link to where consumers can buy it.

How it works

Email editor@businessage.com with your idea. Tell us:

a) Who the entrepreneur is

b) Give me some evidence they have an interesting business (eg, growth %; or plans; or technology; or track record of the founders etc).

c) What you are proposing

d) If there are any constraints. Such as time, launch dates etc.

We'll take it from there.

Five ways we can work together

Business Age runs five types of articles

  1. Interviews with entrepreneurs
  2. Opinion pieces
  3. News
  4. Business Books
  5. Big question features

Here's a bit more detail about these ways to contribute.

1) Interviews

We do written Q&As with entrepreneurs. We'll email you the questions. This gives the interviewee the chance to get their answers exactly right. This format is popular with start-ups.

If a question is missing from the list supplied feel free to add it. It's your story, after all. We want to tell it as completely as possible.

2) Opinion pieces

Opinion pieces express viewpoints. We accept opinion pieces on all business subjects, from technical stuff on profit extraction, to fun & clickbaity ideas.

Article length: 700 to 1200 words normally.

Need a bit of help to figure it out? Read our guide on "How to pick a subject to write about".

3) News

We publish reports, research, and frankly anything of interest to UK entrepreneurs. Simply email editor@businessage.com.

4) Business Books

We love offering authors the chance to promote their new business book. There are not a lot of publications that do, and as a result too many great books are lost to readers.

Extracts are our preference. The passage should work well as a standalone article of 1,000 to 3,000 words. Send us the extract you think will work.

Otherwise, feel free to contribute an article based on the book. Length: 1,000 words approx, giving readers a sense of what they'll discover if they buy the full version.

5) Big Question features

From time to time we'll ask entrepreneurs on our database a "big question". This might be how to motivate staff, or under-used software you'd recommend, or how to crack Australia as an export market. We then publish the results. It's a new idea - a little experimental. We send the question via our database of entrepreneurs and via ResponseSource.com.

Final word: Photography

An image is half the story. When a company supplies great photography not only do they win more readers, but editors place their story more prominently.

Example: Innocent Smoothies built a £100 million brand with epic photos. The press adored them, because they sent creative images which could be used full blown on the front page.

When contributing an article you'll need a strong photo.

[If your story is an opinion piece around a theme, we'll need to find an illustrative image. We have subscriptions with iStock, Pixaby, and Unsplash for stock photos, so feel free to find one there.]

Are your images worth £100 million?

Let's be blunt. This is the iPhone era. It's easy to take stunning photos.

A great picture conveys emotion. The viewer should be able to identify the mood of the subject. Are they euphoric or thoughtful, smug or determined? Watch out for the bland “waiting for the photographer to press the shutter” grimace: the photo will be a dud.

If you need inspiration check out Greg Williams, who shoots for GQ, Vogue and the Bond movies. His advice is fantastic. His rapid course is £34. I can't recommend it enough.

Technical: Business Age uses landscape images for the main image, rather than portrait format. We crop at 970px horizontal by 693px vertical. Don't worry, we'll do the cropping. Just make sure your images work as landscape rectangles, rather than vertical portrait format.

That's it!

tl,dr: email us. We'll do something


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