My big idea: asset hosting on the cloud with Cloudways

Entrepreneur Aaqib Gadit explains his concept for SMBs
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Hi Aaqib! What's your elevator pitch?

Cloudways was created to empower SMBs to be able to offer the same level of digital services and experience as big-tech giants. Founded in 2012 and acquired by DigitalOcean in 2022, Cloudways is an intuitive, one-click managed cloud hosting platform for online assets. The platform features a web app management function that easily launches cloud servers for commonly used ecommerce store apps, such as WordPress, Magento, and PHP. Put simply, Cloudways lets users host WordPress and WooCommerce websites on top of a variety of cloud-hosting providers.

Why does the market need it?

Our number one priority is to support the hosting needs of SMBs amidst the ongoing challenges caused by current macroeconomic headwinds (such as rising inflation and the cost-of-living crisis). Even with the current solutions on offer, there is still a common challenge faced by SMB owners: despite being able to provide value to their customers, they find themselves dedicating a significant amount of time to application and infrastructure management.

In response to these challenges, Cloudways provides a cost-effective and user-friendly solution that combines application, infrastructure and cloud management. With our offerings, we can better address the evolving needs and demands of SMBs, especially with the rise in security concerns that have consequently exposed SMBs to elevated cybersecurity risks.

Where is the business today?

The macro events that have unfolded over the past couple of years have reshaped the business landscape. The rapid advancements in technologies ranging from cloud computing to AI have fundamentally altered the way businesses (especially SMBs) function, such as cybersecurity threat monitoring and facilitating frictionless online payments. Adopting these technologies has transitioned from being optional to a must have.

In fact, this shift prompted us to realign our offerings to better address the evolving needs and demands of SMBs. We acknowledge the necessity to prioritise security and streamline workflows. As a result, our overarching vision has evolved to position us as a trusted partner that provides peace of mind to our customers. Through our solutions, we aid them in saving time, reducing costs and generating revenue.”

What were you doing before?

Since 2008, I have co-founded multiple companies in the software as a service (SaaS), infrastructure, and open-source space. I have always had a strong customer-first focus, sharing my SMB expertise in product, technology, growth, customer support and customer success.

What's your biggest strength?

I’m incredibly passionate about supporting small businesses and have witnessed firsthand the challenges they regularly face. Ultimately, small businesses need simple and affordable cloud solutions that can cater to their specific needs. While there are household names in the hosting space that do cater to enterprises, there is still a significant gap when it comes to serving SMBs and this is what sets Cloudways apart.

What made you think there was money in this?

Throughout my career, I’ve noticed a common challenge faced by small and medium-sized business owners and agency founders. They often lack the extensive resources that larger enterprises enjoy, resulting in a disparity in their operational capabilities. Cloudways emerged to address this gap. Our mission is to offer SMBs a seamless pathway to embracing cloud technology. By offering a comprehensive solution that encompasses all aspects of cloud management, we empower small businesses to concentrate on their primary goal: delivery value to their customers.

What is the secret to making the business work?

Unlocking the full potential of Cloudways hinges on our unwavering commitment to empowering small businesses. We understand their distinct needs, equipping them with the essential resources and support to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Our drive lies in propelling small businesses to harness the cloud's vast potential while minimising their investment, ensuring they have what they need to succeed.

What is the future vision?

In the future, you can expect to see us build additional solutions to help SMBs and scale-ups optimise their webpages to stay competitive against huge challenges that stand in their way. We have some significant announcements planned so watch this space!

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BizAge Interview Team
November 10, 2023
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November 10, 2023