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Immersive Fox creates personalised video in under a minute
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CEO and founder, Immersive Fox, Alisa Patotskaya (left) and Head of Product, Immersive Fox, Jacker Marini
CEO and founder, Immersive Fox, Alisa Patotskaya (left) and Head of Product, Immersive Fox, Jacker Marini

Hi Alisa! What's your elevator pitch?

Immersive Fox is a text-to-video AI web platform for sales and customer communication. Designed, engineered and delivered by a team of highly skilled professionals with deep AI domain expertise, the company's fastest in the world innovative technology allows clients to create personalised video content at scale and at speed, eliminating the need for traditional production methods. By leveraging AI and full automation, Immersive Fox enables businesses to increase their response rate by more than 30% that directly increases their sales. 

With a focus on speed, cost-effectiveness (offering a 0.07% market price), and versatility, Immersive Fox is revolutionising the way video content is produced and consumed. No need for film crews, studios, actors, or cameras, the solution also allows for auto-translation of videos into 50+ languages within seconds.

Why does the market need it?

The market is in need of a revolution in video content production. Traditional methods are slow, costly, and cumbersome, posing challenges for sales and marketing professionals who require agility and impact.

Despite some believing email marketing is dead, the power of video in capturing attention is clear, with viewers retaining 95% of its message when you include videos. Yet, scaling video production remains a struggle. Our solution addresses this by enabling fastest in the world creation of personalised sales videos, providing superior quality at a speed that is 9 times faster than our competitors.

This acceleration not only saves time but also costs, making personalised video accessible. Moreover, it amplifies customer experiences, streamlines operations, and unlocks new growth opportunities.

In a world demanding efficiency and engagement, our solution redefines video marketing, propelling businesses into a realm of swift, impactful, and cost-effective communication.

Where is the business today?

As of today, we’ve achieved significant milestones that underscore the growing recognition and impact of our technology. Our customer base is expanding steadily, with a substantial waitlist spanning various sectors including sales enablement, customer communications, learning & development, and corporate communications.

Recently, we successfully concluded a substantial investment round, during which one of our investors underscored the remarkable value that our technology brings to sales teams operating across diverse industries. This validation speaks to the transformative potential of our solutions.

At present, our primary focus revolves around increasing the team, integrating Salesforce and enhancing sales and customer communication management strategies. Through diligent research and customer engagement, we have garnered compelling data showcasing the effectiveness of personalised videos in email outreach. These efforts have yielded exceptional results, with our customers reporting a threefold increase in response rates, from less than 1% to 3%.

What made you think there was money in this?

The emergence of generative AI and LLMs has showcased the immense disruptive power of this technology to everyone. Yet, the real measure of a technology's worth lies in its ability to address and streamline current issues; which is where Immersive Fox's technology comes in. The sales and marketing domain - being a gigantic industry of $30.7B market size in 2023 - in general, has seen minimal innovation over the years, making our dedicated focus a compelling case for investment.

Jacker Marini, our Head of Product at Immersive Fox, adds: “Immersive Fox is very well positioned due the solid end-to-end solution we build to our customers, offering key features that differentiate us from competitors, such as our video generation speed which is 9x faster than the second position and Hubspot integration. Not only that, our focus in research to improve our platform's core aiming for even more natural digitalisation and the pursuit of excellence in customer support and user experience are mandates. Those aligned with the company's vision, culture and ethics in the AI-generated content field are what make us sure that we are on the correct track.”

What's your biggest strength?

Our technology boasts a range of key features that set it apart. One of the standout attributes is its swift onboarding process for customers, taking just two days to get them up and running. What truly differentiates our tech, however, is the rapid and highest quality creation of personal avatars, often referred to as 'digital twins'. These avatars are brought to life after analysing just two 4-minute videos, showcasing the efficiency of our system. Moreover, the quality of our output is truly unparalleled.

Our technology is the fastest in the world and has the capability to generate high-resolution personalised video content within a mere 1-minute timeframe. This is a significant advancement compared to market competitors, who typically take around 9+ minutes to achieve a similar result. This speed not only enhances user experience but also allows brands to engage with their audiences more promptly. Language barriers are effortlessly overcome through the utilisation of a cloned voice. Our videos can be automatically translated into over 50 languages you don't speak using your own voice, facilitating global communication and expanding the reach of the content. In addition, our seamless integration with HubSpot and other systems has unlocked new dimensions of functionality. By becoming an integral part of HubSpot's sales process, videos have transformed into a central component of the CRM ecosystem. This integration empowers businesses to leverage the persuasive power of video content within their customer relationship management, enhancing engagement and driving conversion rates. Privacy and security are also paramount concerns for us. We have taken proactive measures to prevent the theft of personalised avatars, clearly defining ownership in contracts, while all data is securely stored on its servers, ensuring confidentiality and peace of mind.

What is the secret to making the business work?

The core of our success lies in our team and the exceptional talent we've assembled. Our strength emanates from having the finest individuals on board who share a common purpose and vision. Despite being a compact, agile team, our size grants us an advantage in speed and efficiency. The nimbleness of our decision-making process allows us to produce outcomes more swiftly than larger, heavily invested counterparts.

Each member of our team is deeply aligned with our mission. Some have even relinquished prestigious positions at renowned companies like Google, Facebook, and Trustpilot solely because they believe in our concept's potential. This collective commitment fuels our belief in substantial growth. Our operational approach is marked by rapidity; we swiftly navigate through decisions and maintain a perpetual momentum that fuels our expansion.

Moreover, we foster a thriving internal culture that's characterised by its non-toxic nature and receptivity to feedback. This atmosphere not only nurtures camaraderie but also serves as a catalyst for innovation. Our secret lies in these principles—curating an exceptional team, fostering swift yet informed decisions, and nurturing an environment of growth and openness.

Yury Pisarchyk, Software Engineer at Immersive Fox, adds: “In my opinion, the secret to making the business work is a clear focus on what we would like to build, and a strong team of professionals creating our product and doing the research. We move fast, and have already created the fastest text-to-video solution. More and more exciting features are yet to come.”

How do you market the company?

Our company is positioned and promoted as the world's fastest solution, emphasising our unparalleled speed in both video content production and the digitisation process. It is this speed, alongside our unique suitability for sales enablement and large-scale email campaigns - a distinctive feature that no other solution currently offers - that sets us apart.

One of our key distinguishing factors is our emphasis on using customer faces in video content rather than generic presenters. This approach helps establish a more personal connection with the audience. To achieve this, we require only 4 minutes of video content. From there, we can digitise both your face and voice, and even automatically translate your words into languages you don't speak using your own voice.

To market ourselves, we harness the power of our own product. The cornerstone of our strategy is hyper-personalised email outreach, leveraging our technology to showcase its potential. This is how we gain the majority of our customers, as they can directly experience the product's capabilities. 

Additionally, we employ various strategies to increase our visibility and reach. Google search optimisation and advertising play a pivotal role in enhancing our online presence. We utilise targeted advertisements on platforms like Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn, effectively reaching our intended audience across these popular social channels. Our multifaceted marketing approach ensures that our unique value proposition reaches the right people through the most effective channels.

What funding do you have? Is it enough?

We have recently closed a €3.3million [£2.8million] seed funding round, which has been allocated to developing our cutting-edge technologies further - with product and R&D plans including a video analytics tool, embeddable video player, UI animations and captions, and full body movement synthesis from text. Boosting sales and attracting new talent is also on the agenda following the raise, as we aim to increase our team twofold by the end of this year, to penetrate new markets and strengthen customer relationships.

At the moment, we currently have several offers of over-commitment, but we are always open to new investment partners coming on board.

Tell us about the business model

In essence, our business model is designed to accommodate the diverse needs of our clients by offering a range of options that span from efficient entry-level solutions to premium packages tailored to their unique demands. Starting at £29 for 10 min of video production, this option is ideal for smaller, independent businesses that wish to engage in consistent video communication with their clients without significant time or financial investments. Moving up the scale, we offer a premium subscription that provides an elevated level of service. This includes personalised avatars and voice replication, translation to other languages you don’t speak, making it perfect for businesses aiming to digitise themselves and engage their audience with a distinct touch. 

We also offer specialised packages for mass email marketing campaigns. Pricing for this service is available upon request, as it involves significant volumes of video content, often reaching thousands of minutes per month. This particular offering is well-suited for larger enterprise businesses looking to harness the potential of video communication on a larger scale.

Pricing-wise, our affordability sets us apart, being a more cost-effective choice compared to our competitors. This advantage is rooted in our commitment to complete solution automation and meticulous optimisation. By harnessing the full power of GPU technology, we ensure that our solution operates at peak efficiency, translating into greater value for our customers.

What were you doing before?

Before founding Immersive Fox, I was something of a serial entrepreneur, driven by my passion for innovation and technology. Armed with an MSc in Computer Science, I ventured into the realms of AI and machine learning with a strong belief in their potential for positive impact. My professional path led me to contribute my expertise to industry giants like Meta (formerly Facebook) and Wargaming, where I honed my skills and accumulated over 15 years of invaluable experience.

At Meta, I delved into the dynamic landscape of technology and its applications, while Wargaming provided me with insights into strategic thinking and problem-solving. These experiences led to the creation of Immersive Fox. 

What is the future vision?

Our company's future vision is centred around building strategic partnerships with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and email service providers. We aim to offer seamless integration of our technology into these platforms, enabling companies to conduct efficient and accessible A/B testing for their email marketing campaigns.

For businesses engaged in mass email marketing, our solution holds substantial potential. It eliminates the need to re-record video content for each recipient, as videos can be quickly regenerated. This empowers companies to perform A/B testing on a large scale, comparing different message approaches to identify statistically superior ones. This feature provides invaluable insights into the effectiveness of various communication strategies.

Furthermore, our focus on video analytics will play a pivotal role in shaping our future trajectory. We are diligently working on developing a robust video analytics tool. This tool will not only track how customers engage with videos but also provide detailed information such as viewer demographics and geographic interest. Combined with the fastest in the world ability to regenerate video content, our product becomes an incredibly powerful tool for designing hyper-personalised marketing advertisements.

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September 11, 2023
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September 11, 2023