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Devi Clark, manager of Impact Hub London, explains the role of this fast-growing institution
Devi Clark
Impact Hub team
Usha Roshini, Ellie Xhika, Kaye McDougall, Devi Clark, Laura Marney, Sarah Isaakidis and Finn Karsten at Impact Hub.

Impact Hub London was created to bring entrepreneurs together to create mission-led businesses that positively impact people and the planet. We believed then, and have been proven right, that working together in a space generates inspiration, collaboration and peer support. Together we are greater than the sum of our parts. We provide beautiful, affordable workspaces and business support for under-served local entrepreneurs and connect globally with what has grown from its London origins to be a network of 114 Impact Hubs in 67 countries.  

This year we delivered The Circular Start Up programme, which supported aspiring entrepreneurs from underserved backgrounds in developing solutions to the climate crisis. Over the past 3 years, we have delivered New Roots, an incubator for entrepreneurs from minoritised ethnic backgrounds. We’re also excited to deliver two Incubators programmes, in Camden and Islington, aimed at creating new social enterprise startups within the life science and health sectors. This activity is part of the Boosting Life Sciences Social Economy programme funded by the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund and aims to support local entrepreneurs, to start inclusive and co-created solutions to address local health inequities.

The best way to bring what we do to life is to spotlight the stories of the truly remarkable businesses and founders that we’ve supported over the years. So let me tell you about one of these incredible entrepreneurs and share their Impact Hub London story.

Falilat Omodudu – In the Air

Did you know that air pollution is responsible for 4.2 million deaths annually? Each person takes in the equivalent of a credit card of microplastic contamination a week? To tackle this alarming issue, Falilat Omodudu tapped into her experience in design and crafted recyclable, pollution-absorbing tiles and ceramics.

In 2022, Falilat enrolled in Impact Hub’s New Roots program. Before this, Falilat struggled to find a source of funding for a studio and also lacked the know-how to put together a website. Taking part in New Roots helped her to refine the scope of the project, as well as gain a greater understanding of the market and learn how to apply for grants.

In the Air is an expansion of Falilat’s graduate project from her master's degree, where she created tiles that can absorb pollutants and then change colours when they reach their maximum capacity. Once the tiles are full, they can be smashed up and recycled as floor or kitchen tiles.

Apart from the environmental advantages, the social side of In the Air is equally important to Falilat, as it is mostly low-income individuals whose health suffers the most due to climate change. By cleaning the air, Falilat is paving the way to healthier societies and a healthier planet for everyone!

Falilat is just one of the amazing entrepreneurs we’ve helped through the programmes and workspace at Impact Hub London. Impact Hub London has delivered 15 business support programs to over 1,000 entrepreneurs, as well as helping 1000s more who have used our space to work, meet and grow their impact since its launch in 2008.  

I currently manage Impact Hub London alongside a passionate team of social impact experts. We actively promote social enterprise, inclusion, and collaboration, emphasising innovation for the common good, by providing opportunities for diverse businesses and individuals.  

We’re also excited to be opening another location next year in Euston’s Knowledge Quarter where we’ll continue to drive inclusive innovation in the life sciences sector, working closely with local communities and national partners.

The area is already a renowned innovation district, home to world-class institutions such as University College London, the British Museum, Wellcome Trust and leading tech companies such as Google, LinkedIn and Benevolent AI. Our Euston location is a significant milestone in our mission to empower local communities across London. This dynamic and inclusive space will foster collaboration, and promote socially and environmentally beneficial innovation, contributing to both local and global ecosystems.  

We're committed to creating a better world through entrepreneurship and work hard to support the growth of socially responsible businesses like Falilat’s that have a positive impact on society and the environment.  

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Devi Clark
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January 24, 2024