The Best Airlines for Smooth Business Group Travel 

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American Airlines

Business group travel is not just about reaching your destination - the transit experience also matters. A single poor flight can influence the trip's outcome. Thus, selecting an airline offering tailored travel perks is vital to enhance the journey.

Every detail, from check-in to reward programs, affects the experience. With numerous airlines competing for attention, how do you choose the one that aligns with your group's travel needs?

Below, check out our list of the best airlines for smooth business group travel.

1. American Airlines

American Airlines is an excellent choice for group business travel, offering perks and benefits tailored to enhance the experience for business passengers. With its extensive route network spanning domestic and international destinations, American Airlines provides convenient group travel to various locations worldwide.

One of the standout perks of American Airlines is its dedicated group travel services, which streamline the booking process and provide personalised assistance to ensure a smooth journey from start to finish. Groups travelling on business can enjoy the flexibility of customised travel solutions, including discounted fares and flexible booking options to accommodate changing itineraries.

Moreover, American Airlines offers a range of amenities and services onboard to enhance comfort and productivity during flights. From spacious seating options and in-flight entertainment to complimentary Wi-Fi access and premium dining options, business travellers can enjoy a first-class experience throughout the journey.

In addition, American Airlines' loyalty program, AAdvantage, allows group travellers to earn rewards and benefits with every flight, including bonus miles, upgrades, and access to exclusive perks.

2. Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines is another airline known for offering perks and benefits to elevate the group travel experience. It has an extensive network covering various destinations across North America, ensuring convenient connectivity for group excursions to popular business hubs and leisure destinations.

Like American Airlines, Alaska Airlines offers dedicated group travel services, streamlining flight bookings for group travellers. With personalised assistance, including flexible booking options, discounted fares, and specialised support, Alaska Airlines ensures a seamless journey for groups, eliminating hassle and simplifying coordination.

Moreover, Alaska Airlines prioritises passenger comfort and satisfaction with its exceptional onboard amenities and services. Passengers can enjoy spacious seating configurations, complimentary snacks and beverages, and the option to upgrade to premium class for added comfort and convenience. 

Alaska Airlines' Mileage Plan loyalty program offers valuable rewards and benefits for frequent flyers, including the ability to earn miles for future travel, access to priority boarding, and exclusive discounts on partner services and amenities.

Overall, Alaska Airlines is an exemplary choice for group business travel, offering unmatched convenience, comfort, and value for smooth business group travel.


Renowned for its extensive global network spanning over 300 destinations worldwide, Delta Airlines is another airline of choice for business travellers, especially those travelling in groups. Offering perks tailored to enhance the group travel experience, Delta ensures seamless connectivity to key business hubs and leisure destinations across the globe.

Delta Airlines aims to facilitate a seamless booking process for group travellers, providing personalised assistance to ensure a smooth journey. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, they provide flexible booking options, discounted fares, and specialised support, catering to the unique needs of group travellers and simplifying the planning and execution of group trips.

In addition, Delta's SkyMiles loyalty program rewards frequent flyers with valuable perks and benefits, including the ability to earn miles for future travel, access to priority boarding, and exclusive discounts on Delta Vacations packages and partner services. Since 2022, US consumers have benefited from the seamless integration of Starbucks Rewards and Delta SkyMiles loyalty programs, enhancing their travel experiences with added rewards. Through or, members easily link their accounts, accessing exclusive perks and rewards.

Delta Airlines aims to provide comfort and convenience to passengers with its exceptional onboard amenities and services. Group travellers can indulge in spacious seating arrangements, complimentary snacks and beverages, and access to in-flight entertainment options, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable journey for all passengers.

In addition to its superior customer service and amenities, Delta Airlines is committed to sustainability and corporate social responsibility, implementing initiatives to reduce carbon emissions and promote environmental stewardship, aligning with the values of many business travellers.


Frontier Airlines presents itself as a compelling option for business groups, offering a range of benefits tailored to enhance group travel experience. With an extensive network covering numerous destinations across the United States, Frontier Airlines ensures convenient connectivity for group excursions to key business hubs.

Frontier Airlines has a Group Travel program, streamlining the booking process and provides personalised assistance to ensure a smooth journey for group travellers. From flexible booking options to discounted fares and dedicated customer support, Frontier Airlines caters to the unique needs of group business travellers.

One thing that makes Frontier Airlines stand out is its affordability, offering competitive pricing and budget-friendly fares that appeal to cost-conscious business travellers. With its emphasis on value and savings, Frontier Airlines provides an attractive option for group travellers seeking to optimise their travel budgets without compromising quality or convenience.

Additionally, Frontier Airlines' loyalty program, FRONTIER Miles, rewards frequent flyers with opportunities to earn miles for future travel, access to exclusive promotions and discounts, and enhanced travel benefits.

5. Spirit

Spirit Airlines is an attractive option for business groups seeking affordability, flexibility, and convenience in their travel arrangements. With its extensive network spanning over 75 destinations across the Americas, Spirit Airlines offers convenient connectivity to various business and leisure destinations.

One of the primary advantages of choosing Spirit Airlines for business group travel is its commitment to affordability. With competitive fares and a range of optional add-ons, such as seat selection and baggage allowance, group travellers can customise their travel experience according to their budgetary constraints and preferences.

Moreover, Spirit Airlines prioritises flexibility, offering a range of flexible booking options and the ability to modify travel plans as needed, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Additionally, Spirit Airlines' frequent flyer program, FREE SPIRIT, rewards loyal passengers with miles that can be redeemed for future travel, upgrades, and other benefits, adding value to the overall travel experience.

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BizAge Interview Team
May 8, 2024
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May 8, 2024