5 things you need to know to write for Business Age

Our guide to writing an article for us
BizAge News Team

You are going to write for Business Age? Fantastic! Here are five things you must understand first.

1 Your article should be entertaining

Yes. Entertaining. A lot of writers make the false assumption that business is boring. So as a veteran of 20 years let me state: Your article must entertain. Vocally. Lyrically. And intellectually. Think of great business writers such as Rory Sutherland and Mark Ritson. Find your own style. But above all, make an effort to be a writer.

This must be from the first line. If you want to write for Business Age you need a Hook'em and Hold'em introduction. Grab the readers from the opening. Amaze them. Provoke them. For inspiration see here, here, here, and here.

When you write for Business Age we will judge you on your opening lines. Overall, this is a pretty good guide.

2 Claims need evidence

Readers are a sceptical bunch. If you say “Diverse boards lead to higher profits” they'll react with: 'Oh yeah? Prove it.” And you've got to convince them with evidence. Data and real world anecdotes.

If you file an article with zero evidence we'll ask you to return to the article and add proof.

3 You need a lead image

NOT A BORING HEADSHOT. A true lead image. It is the job of a PR agency to make their clients look impressive. For some reason we had chronic problems getting PRs to supply images.

Read our Photography Guide top to toe.

4 File as a Google doc

a) Open a Google Doc.

b) All sub-headers formatted as H3

c) No extra space between paragraphs or sub-headers. Our CMS ads space between paragraph returns.

No unnecessary tabs or indents, including for bullet points.

d) Headline and sub-headers capitalised on first letter only

e) Make sure the article has a standfirst: Ideally short, but up to 20 words.

This preserves the formatting for our Webflow CMS.

5 Promote the article

Writing for Business Age is an open goal for PRs. We offer coverage with no paywall. Your clients get an article. They get a permanent Do Follow SEO backlink. Their clients can find the article online, and learn more about your client.

In return we want you, the PR, to ensure the article is promoted:

1) On your client's corporate website. This gives us an SEO link in return for the one we give you.

2) On Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

3) On your own PR agency site and socials.

If you don't promote the article it will get a fraction of the readers it deserves.

Follow these steps and you'll have a smash hit article and a happy client, and we'll be delighted to keep working together to publish your masterpieces.

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BizAge News Team
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January 2, 2023
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January 2, 2023
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