Why featuring on podcasts is vital for a personal branding strategy

Digital marketing CEO Luke Tobin says being a podcast guest can do wonders for your profile
Luke Tobin

The phenomenon of podcasts has grown exponentially over the last few years, with there now being over 1 million podcasts and 48 million total  episodes to listen to. It is predicted that there will be around 504.9 million podcast listeners worldwide by the end of 2024. 

Since starting my digital marketing agency Digital Ethos in 2016, I’ve experienced first hand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to building a personal brand. Podcasting has provided some great opportunities and having been a guest on podcasts such as London Business School’s Great People and You Want to Do What?, I am sharing a few thoughts on why podcasts should be a fundamental part of your personal branding strategy.  

Podcasting is so fundamentally different from other forms of digital content in the sense that it’s content people consume when they are away from their computers. Once you’ve downloaded a podcast to your smartphone, you can listen to it as you work out, as you commute to work in the morning, or if you’re at home doing chores. This gives you a valuable way to engage with potential followers on a 24/7 basis.

A recent survey revealed a great deal of podcast listening happens at home, with 90% of participants saying they listen to their favorite podcasts within the comfort of their own homes and 64% of the time in their cars.

Secondly, being on podcasts gives you an opportunity to showcase the personality of your brand. Personal branding is all about discovering what your USP is and then communicating it to the audience listening to podcasts relevant to your brand. As people consume podcasts in a personal environment such as in their home or at work for example, their connection to your content is more intimate and is the perfect medium for cultivating an authentic personality. The more high-quality podcasts you appear on, the more trust you will gain to cultivate a larger following.

Being a podcast guest, or even creating your own podcast, also gives a valuable platform to tap into thought leadership and market your expertise within your personal branding strategy.

One of the main reasons that we develop content is to establish credibility and a reputation as a thought leader in the market. Podcasts can help with this as the audience hears your expertise on a subject from your own mouth. If you’re passionate about your subject then this will be apparent in your voice and your authority will naturally shine through.

Lastly, featuring on podcasts as a guest gives you an opportunity to network with people also working within your industry and can benefit your business in the long run. By appearing as a guest on a podcast relevant to your business or niche, you'll be coming into contact with other members of the industry and forming relationships.

With the marketing podcasts I’ve been invited to be on as a guest, I’ve gotten to know the podcast host and the other guests present if it’s not just myself. We’ve exchanged ideas and gained inspiration from one another which we’ve taken away after we recorded the episode. 

Forming these relationships means you might be introduced to some of their industry connections and you may be invited back for a repeat appearance on the podcast to discuss new trends, for example, which further cultivates your personal brand as an expert.

Written by
Luke Tobin
CEO of Digital Ethos
February 27, 2023