Insurtech 100 ranking is out

Annual ranking of insurance industry's leading tech companies
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Insurtech 100 report 2021 is now out

It's hard to keep up with the blizzard of insurtech startups, fast-growth disruptors, and unicorns in insurance, so it's always a relief to read the annual Insurtech 100 ranking.

Put together by Sønr - a think-tank slash research-platform for the insurtech industry - the list offers a run-down of the hottest companies around the globe.

Some entrants you'll know, such as ZhongAn, China’s largest online insurance company, and Hippo, the US home insurance brand with $1.3bn in funding.

Others members of this year's ranking may be a little less familiar: Roost is a growing name in telematics-assisted home insurance; Fuse is a technology provider from Indonesia; and Akur8 is a French AI startup looking to bring algos to the actuarial space.

The sizeable judging panel is a testament to the growing reputation of Sønr: judges include Ben Luckett, chief innovation officer of Aviva; George Kesselman, founder of InsurTech Asia Association; Sabine VanderLinden, CEO of Alchemy Crew; and Nigel Walsh, MD insurance of Google.

Matt Connolly, CEO and founder of Sønr says:

"It’s no ordinary listing. It is borne out of months of work by the Sønr team, researching, analysing and connecting with tens of thousands of companies around the world, which are then meticulously scored by a set of world-class industry experts.

For me, it comes at a particularly interesting time for insurance. The insurtech market is maturing, as is their positioning and relationship with incumbents.

There continues to be much debate around valuations and yet we’re seeing a year on year increase of insurtech investment and most interestingly, half of all deals heading into early stage companies. This signals a continuing healthy and vibrant industry.”

Lead sponsor is EY, supported by Element and Tractable.

Pleasingly, the report is free to download.

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November 25, 2021