Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? Here's what you said

A new survey reveals who crypto enthusaists think he or she is (hint: not Elon Musk)
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Satoshi Nakamoto - maybe
  • 1,000 cryptocurrency enthusiasts were surveyed in February 2024 to identify who they think Satoshi Nakamoto is, the mysterious creator of Bitcoin.
  • Nick Szabo dominates the survey results with 40% of participants thinking that he is behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.
  • Craig Wright's strong claims of being Satoshi Nakamoto received just 1% of the vote.

With Satoshi Nakamoto's identity trending once again, Online Gaming Company  conducted a comprehensive survey among cryptocurrency enthusiasts to find out who they think is the real Satoshi. The survey was held in February 2024, among 1000 crypto enthusiasts and  aimed to gather public opinion on who the crypto community believes could be the mysterious Bitcoin creator. Here are the top ten candidates based on the survey results:

Nick Szabo: Dominating the survey, 40% of participants view Nick Szabo as the likely Satoshi Nakamoto. Participants in the survey pointed out that Nick Szabo's extensive work on digital contracts and his development of "Bit Gold," which closely resemble the core concepts of Bitcoin, make him a prime candidate for being Satoshi Nakamoto.
Hal Finney: 35% of respondents chose Hal Finney as a potential Satoshi. Among the reasons, participants mentioned his significant involvement in the first Bitcoin transaction, which could have been from Satoshi himself. Additionally, his deep knowledge in cryptography and foundational contributions to Bitcoin's development were frequently cited as key factors influencing their choice.
Adam Back: With 12% of the survey votes, Adam Back is seen as a potential Satoshi Nakamoto by some respondents. They point to his creation of the Hashcash system, which is crucial for Bitcoin's proof-of-work mechanism, as a major reason. According to the survey, a significant number of people believe his key role in developing cryptographic systems makes him a likely candidate for being Satoshi.
Wei Dai: With 6% support from the survey participants, Wei Dai is seen as a potential Satoshi Nakamoto. They point out his creation of b-money, a precursor to Bitcoin, as a major reason. The survey results suggest his early work on digital currency and possible connection to Bitcoin's start are reasons why he's considered.
Len Sassaman: Earning 3% of the vote, Len Sassaman is considered a potential Satoshi by a smaller group of survey participants. They highlight his close ties with key cryptographers and his focus on privacy. Additionally, the timing of his passing, aligning with the disappearance of Nakamoto's communications were also mentioned among some respondents.
Gavin Andersen:  With 1.5% of the votes from  survey participants, Gavin Andersen was placed sixth in the survey results. Survey participants cited his early contributions to Bitcoin development and direct interactions with Nakamoto as key reasons for considering him as a potential Satoshi.
Craig Wright: Only 1% of survey participants believe Craig Wright could be Satoshi Nakamoto, despite his claims that he stands behind the pseudonym. According to survey participants his credibility is affected by ongoing debates and the absence of solid proof backing his statements.
Shinichi Mochizuki: With only 0.5% of the votes, Shinichi Mochizuki is a less discussed candidate to be Satoshi Nakamoto.  Survey participants cited his limited background in computer science and lack of connection to the cypherpunk culture as main reasons for doubting his role as the creator of Bitcoin.
Elon Musk: With only 0.5% of the survey votes, Musk ranks ninth in the survey results. Participants acknowledge his brilliance in various fields but point out that his weak links to the early days of Bitcoin make him an unlikely candidate for its creator.
Dorian Nakamoto:  Selected by only 0.4% of survey participants, Dorian Nakamoto closes the list, reflecting the minimal belief in his involvement with Bitcoin. The survey participants  mentioned that their disbelief is largely attributed to the media confusion connected with Nakamoto’s name.
A spokesperson from Online Gambling Company shared, "People's curiosity about Satoshi Nakamoto's real identity tends to grow everytime Bitcoin has even the slightest price jump, mainly because Satoshi is believed to have over a million Bitcoins. With a value estimated at about $51.56 billion, Satoshi's massive holding isn't just a sign of incredible wealth, it shows how much power this unknown person has over the Bitcoin market. He owns about 5% of all the Bitcoins there'll ever be, which means even small moves in their portfolio could shake the whole market.
Everyone's guessing, but no one knows for sure who the real Satoshi is. Yet, knowing who they are could help us understand why Bitcoin moves the way it does."

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March 21, 2024
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March 21, 2024