How to Get 90 Leads in 90 Days

Expert advice from a master lead generator
Deepak Shukla

There’s no point in having great products when you don’t have enough customers to buy them. Generating quality leads regularly can make or break your business. Your ability to get new leads and turn them into paying customers is the top way to grow your business. The challenge is finding ways to attract the right customers in this oversaturated market. This is where lead generation experts come in...they specialize in marketing your business to prospects based on market research and sales strategies. Pearl Lemon Leads, a lead generation agency in London, specializes in this, and its founder, Deepak Shukla, shares how he gets his clients 90 leads in 90 days.

Read on to learn tried and tested lead generation strategies that you can implement in your own business.

Build a Strong, Targeted Contact Database

The first and most crucial step is to correctly identify which companies you’re targeting because that will determine how you approach them and by which means you’ll be reaching them through.

Let’s assume that you want to create a lead generation campaign that targets hairdressers because you’re selling hair care products. Once you know your target audience, you can then start scraping the internet to find the ideal prospects you’re trying to target.

You can use a D7 Lead Finder to find a list of hairdressers in the area of your choosing. Here’s an example of what that data could look like:

We did this for hairdressers in the United States and found over 15,000 registered hairdressers from Google Maps (this is, of course, not exhaustive because not every hairdresser will be listed on Google Maps).

Once you’ve found your ideal prospects, you need to decide how you want to reach them. Do you want to use cold calling strategies? Or do you think your prospects will be more responsive to LinkedIn messages or emails? Once you’ve made that decision, you can start gathering their contact details in that contact database.

If you’re going to use the cold calling technique, you have to verify all the phone numbers to ensure that you don’t waste time calling numbers that don’t exist. You can use tools like veriphone to do that.

If you’re planning to use email marketing strategies, you’ll also need to verify their email addresses to contact real people, not bots. You can use tools like Clearout.io to verify emails.

You can also extend this to a bulk website validation tool to identify the following scenarios:

  1. Hairdressers with broken websites
  2. Hairdressers where the phone number doesn’t work anymore
  3. Hairdressers where the email doesn’t work anymore

In any event, ‘cleaning’ the data will massively help save you time from contacting leads that don’t exist.

Prepare Call & Email Scripts

Once your contact database is complete, you’ll need a copywriter to prepare persuasive email and call scripts. Either you could hire someone to help you with that, or you could do it yourself. It’s always good to have someone who specializes in copywriting to help you because they understand how to grab people’s attention with their words (handy for email marketing).

To prepare a strong script, you’ll need to:

  1. Write an elevator pitch (describe your service in less than 20 seconds)
  2. Prepare an ice-breaker (a joke/something industry-relevant)
  3. Identify and communicate your unique selling point (USP)
  4. Create a plan to follow up

Once those four main elements are carefully written in your script, then you’re ready to start contacting your ideal prospects. You’ll then need to determine which tools you’ll use to contact your prospects.

Pearl Lemon Leads uses Mailshake for email marketing campaigns and Freshdialer for cold calling campaigns. You can use these tools or others to streamline the outreach process. All the tools you use can be integrated into a central CRM to track the activity on all platforms easily.

Prepare a Follow-Up Procedure

You must follow up on promising leads whenever you start a lead generation campaign. This can be done in many ways, and you could call them back, send messages on different platforms, or use email follow-ups.

Set up a follow-up procedure that answers these questions:

  1. Should you send a price sheet written up?
  2. Do you have a company presentation prepared?
  3. Do you have industry-relevant case studies?
  4. Should you use CRMs for a follow-up or some kind of ‘chase’ system?

With these questions answered, you’ll be able to determine what follow-up procedure is most relevant for your lead generation campaign.

Begin Your Outreach Campaign

Once you’ve done all of the above, then you’re ready to launch your lead generation campaign. With scripts, CRMs, and automation tools available, you should be able to make 50-100 calls per day and send 50-100 emails per day.

Based on the volume of your activity, you should be able to book 2-4 appointments per day. If you do this for 30 days, those are at least 60 leads! Worst case scenario, you could get one appointment per day for three months which will still land you 90 leads in 90 days!

Keep constantly refining and improving your scripts and database as your lead generation campaign goes on. The emails might not work, the technology might break, you might have poor copy, you might have a poor cold caller…there are innumerable variations when it comes to the possibilities of how this could go wrong.

After 8-weeks of fine-tuning this process, you should be able to start fine-tuning this process and be in a place to start consistently generating appointments because…

  • You will stabilize the use of the technology
  • Your email copy will improve
  • You will refine your cold calling script
  • Your callers will improve

Keep this up, and you’ll land more than 30 leads every month, which will take your business to the next level!

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December 7, 2021